Tuesday, June 05, 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the last 20 years I've had a few new feature projects get close to launching but unfortunately they ultimately didn't happen.  To keep the lights on during this time I've worked a number of regular jobby jobs here in Wichita, I sold movie posters on eBay for a few years and I've worked a wide range of gigs on a number of other folks film/video projects all over the country.  On these various productions I have crewed in pretty much every department including (but not limited to) special fx artist, producer, actor, locations manager, stuntman, copy-writer and camera operator on projects ranging from television series, commercials, industrial films, big and no-budget features -- you name it.

Over the last few years I've also taken a shot at producing/directing commercials for the local and semi-national TV markets as well as internet promotions.  While I reserve the 13th DREAM Entertainment label for my upcoming genre feature work, I now do more mainstream and/or commercial work under the LTJ Productions banner.  This jump into commercial work yielded some spots that were very conventional and a few I really enjoyed.  I've embedded a few examples of this video work below or you can check out more spots on my two different video pages on Vimeo.  Here's my personal page that includes SD versions of some of the commercial work as well as promo-spots for DEMON MACHINE, GHOST CAROL and DARKNESS: http://vimeo.com/user3147861/videos

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