Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 Years Later DARKNESS continues to be discovered and discussed...

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Having just posted a whole slew of DARKNESS review quotes and Top 10/Favorite lists from the old website here on the recently revived blog, it reminded me of the huge amount of articles and reviews I've seen since those compilations were updated.  If you google with a vengeance, you will find a lot more out there, but here's a few tidbits that either happened fairly recently, or happened a while ago and I just now found them.
First off, HorrorHound Magazine said DARKNESS was the number one goriest vampire movie yet filmed!  Click the photo for a larger/readable version:
HorrorHound Magazine also thought DARKNESS lived up to the gore/hype on the cover of it's old VHS video release artworks.  Click the photo for a larger version:
Also, included DARKNESS on the:
"Darkness (The Vampire Version) (1997) - Leif Jonker’s mega low budget ($5,000) vampire film was a labor of love and while not a great film the gore and carnage put on screen and the finished product left me hoping for a higher budgeted sequel in which the director would be able to expand on his goals of vampire film nirvana. Over the years there were sequel rumors but lately I don’t even think America’s Most Wanted would be able to track this guy down."
Check out the full list here:

And I just recently found this very cool review over on BASEMENT OF GHOULISH DECADENCE where Jayson Kennedy said:
"Last but certainly not least, the gore and splatter is tremendous. Heads become pop rocks, convenience store stand-offs become fodder for shock websites, flesh melts into red-slicked raw chicken meat, and trembling corpses become one with asphalt through self-mutilating yoga exercises. Darkness is a testament to picking up your parent's cheap camera and the perfect example of a horror film that admirably reaches far past its literal Denny's steak and eggs budget."
BeAst WisheS -- Leif Jonker 5/30/2012

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