Wednesday, July 19, 2023


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PLEASE SIGN, PLEASE SHARE and help bring the Alamo Drafthouse Theaters to Wichita for an Unparalleled Movie Experience! With the just announced closing of the Warren Old Town Theatre we are at a point of very high risk that it will either fall into the wrong hands or just be allowed to fall into disrepair.
Monday morning I sent a letter to my contact at Alamo Drafthouse and yesterday he told me he had forward it to owner Tim League. He also said that Alamo just acquired a theater in the Boston area because, LIKE THE OLD TOWN, it already had a kitchen and would require little renovation to open..
Of all the theater companies across the U.S.A., the Alamo Drafthouse chain is hands down the most ideal for to take over our beloved Warren Oldtown. In fact, crew from the Warren traveled to Texas to see the Drafthouse theaters in person to actually fashion some of the Oldtown after them! It truly is a perfect fit!
We have 3000+ members in the group. If you only do one thing to help me out, please make it this simple task.
Please click on the link, sign the petition, them share the link on your own Facebook page. That's it, but if you're willing to do more, send it out to anyone and everyone.
Big thanks to Jennie Jo for taking the initiative and setting this petition up. You rock!
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