Sunday, October 17, 2021

 ITALIAN SPLATTER NIGHT SCHEDULE! Mon Oct 18th - Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE & Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (aka THE GATES OF HELL) at the Starlite Drive-In!

6:30 - Gates Open 7:30 - PreShow 8:00 - ZOMBIE 9:31 - Intermission 9:56 - CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD 11:29 - PostShow 11:43 - Exit

You don't want to miss the goriest PreShow sponsor "Thank You" video yet concocted, then at intermission we have a marathon of Dario Argento trailers, and at the end of the night we have a mix of trailers for a variety of films including some classic Fulci's and 80's slashers! It's hardcore gory horror fan heaven! The StarLite Drive-In's SCARY MOVIE MONDAYS PART 2! Buy your tickets online at: 6 MONDAY NIGHTS! 13 CLASSIC HORROR MOVIES! $15.00 Carload Admission! $10.00 Single Admission! SEASON PASSES ARE ACCEPTED! Starts at 7:30pm! Watch the UPDATED SCARY MONDAY FESTIVAL TRAILER! ----------------------------- MONDAY OCTOBER 18th! Event Page: Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE (1979) + Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980) aka THE GATES OF HELL Presented by: THE KITE CREW Lorena, Kyle, Jared, Seth ----------------------------- MONDAY OCTOBER 25th! Event Page: Sam Raimi's ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992) aka THE EVIL DEAD 3 + Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE (1981) 40th Anniversary Screening! Presented by: The Whole Crew at CD TRADEPOST ----------------------------- MONSTER-SIZED THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! WORLD STUDIOS ICT Website: Facebook: FAST PRINT Website: Facebook: T-95 ROCK RADIO Website: Facebook: DOMINION HALLOWEEN Website: Facebook: ----------------------------- PRODUCED AND PRESENTED BY: THE STARLITE DRIVE-IN Website: Facebook: WICHITA BIG SCREEN Website: Facebook: -------------------------- PREVIOUSLY SHOWN MOVIES: -------------------------- MONDAY SEPTEMBER 20th! Event Page: Dan O'Bannon's RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD + William Peter Blatty's THE EXORCIST III: LEGION Presented by Michael Hoheisel & Andrew Hoheisel BEYOND LEGEND COFFEE ----------------------------- Monday September 27th! Event Page: Fred Dekker's MONSTER SQUAD * + Fred Dekker's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Presented by Roscoe & Rose ----------------------------- MONDAY OCTOBER 4th! Event Page: Jack Sholder's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY'S REVENGE + Jack Sholder's ALONE IN THE DARK (The 1982 Classic Slasher!) + BONUS SECRET 3RD MOVIE! Presented by John & Trent Carlon ----------------------------- MONDAY OCTOBER 11th! Event Page: Howard Hawk's THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951) * 70th Anniversary Screening! + John Carpenter's THE THING (1982) Celebrating next year's 40th Anniversary! Presented by THE KITE CREW: Lorena, Kyle, Jared & Seth! -----------------------------