Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21st, 2012 - DARKNESS in CANADA at FRIGHT NIGHT THEATRE!

Hey everybody,

Just a last minute post to let you know that DARKNESS will be shown up in Ontario Canada this Sunday, Sept 23rd, by Jay Winger's FRIGHT NIGHT THEATRE along with a program of short films featuring Torin Langen's TRASH, Thomas Berdinski's THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE and the WORLD PREMIERE screening of director Luke Meneok's short film BLACKBAGS! If they don't get held up in customs there should also be about 100 free DARKNESS posters up there for those who want one. Sorry I can't make the show but I hope everyone has a blast.  
Get your tickets here:!events_tickets/cjac

BIGGER! BADDER! BLOODIER! Come celebrate the return of Hamilton's first monthly horror movie event: FRIGHT NIGHT THEATRE!

ADMISSION: $10 Dollars at the Box Office.

FEATURE PRESENTATION: Leif Jonker's acclaimed indie vampire gore fest DARKNESS (90 min) + three horror shorts.

After taking the summer off, we've moved up from The Staircase to the air conditioned and spacious venue of THE MOUNTAIN THEATRE. With more space, we're ready to unleash more terror and more gore with a spectacular lineup of indie horror!

$10 for a night of horror-tainment. Come meet "The Host" as he and his shiny pants welcome you to Fright Night's new home. Killers to the left. Killers to the right. Stand up, sit down, FRIGHT, FRIGHT , FRIGHT!


4:15 pm - [ SHORT SHOCKS: Short Movie Showcase]

- BLACKBAGS (2012) || WORLD PREMIERE || - Things are getting hot for Ski Mask Guy and his gang of masked villains. Too many habits have begun to spiral out of control. If it's not a corrupt police detective breathing down his neck for a fix, he has to try and put a limit on the new hobby of his crony, the Meathead: cruising the city streets at night and abducting young girls. But when these two problems collide, Ski Mask Guy must find a way to wrap up these loose ends without going down himself.... Dir. Luke Meneok.

- TRASH (2011) - What starts out as a seemingly harmless prank on a suburban teenage boy spirals into crimson chaos in this throwback to 80's and 90's shot-on-video horror films! Dir. Torin Langen.

- THE GIANT RUBBER MONSTER MOVIE: SASCRATCH VERSUS AFRODESIOUS (2011) - Dr. Zoid, an evil vegetarian from the year 25,000,000 A.D., steals a time machine and travels back to the present day. His mission: Destroy all of the Earth's edible animals using the giant monsters under his control. Fortunately, Miko - a young stowaway on Zoid's ship - escapes to help the Earthlings. With his new serial killing best friend Ken at his side, Miko commandeers one of Zoid's giant monsters to fight for the Earth! Dir. Thomas Berdinski. Starring Jeffrey S. Bromley, Brendan Bromley and Carmela Hayslett 

4:52 pm - [ FEATURE FRIGHT]: DARKNESS (1997) - "Even the dead will scream." - In Leif Jonker's acclaimed 1990's indie gore-fest, a small community is besieged by vampires. After he watches friends ravaged in a convenience store, a lone avenger goes off to do battle with the undead, armed with shotgun, chainsaw, and Holy water. Later he finds other survivors and they try to stay alive long enough to do battle with Liven, king of the vampires.

Again, I hope everyone has a blast!

As always, be sure to get your very own official DARKNESS T-Shirt from our friends at Rotten Cotton!  Check it out here:

BeAst WisheS -- Leif Jonker 9/21/2012